CDEX-DBD proposal

    Studies of Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay (0νββ) are the best avenue to differentiate whether neutrinos are Majorana or Dirac particles. It provides measurements to the neutrino mass matrix and probes lepton number violation. The CDEX Program is pursuing 0νββ searches with germanium (Ge) detectors enriched in the isotope 76Ge. The Ge-techniques, recognized to the most promising approach for next and next-next generations of 0νββ experiments, provide excellent energy resolution which greatly suppresses continuum background relative to measured peaks at energy of 2.039 MeV, the smoking-gun signature of 0νββ. 

    The CDEX program adopts a phased approach. An enriched 76Ge experiment of target mass 300 kg is currently under preparation, to be commissioned in 2027. This would be followed by a 1-tonne experiment ready by 2033 to cover the neutrino inverted mass ordering, and then will evolve to a 10-tonnes program by 2040 with enough sensitivity to probe the neutrino normal mass ordering.

    This proposal will address the project from the following aspects: (1) Scientific motivation; (2) Key scientific topics; (3) Technical design and main parameters; (4) Additional technical outputs; (5) The status of the Key technologies; (6) The position and comparison in the international level; (7) CDEX collaboration and working conditions; (8) Budget and Schedule.

    You can find more details in attached proposal of the CDEX-0νββ program.