CDEX exotic neutrino

X. P. Geng, L. T. Yang, Q. Yue et al.
Search for exotic interactions of solar neutrinos in the CDEX-10 experiment
Phys. Rev. D 107, 112002 (2023)
We investigate exotic neutrino interactions using the 205.4 kg$\cdot$day dataset from the CDEX-10 experiment at the China Jinping Underground Laboratory. New constraints on the mass and couplings of new gauge bosons are presented. Two nonstandard neutrino interactions are considered: a $U(1)_{B-L}$ gauge-boson-induced interaction between an active neutrino and electron/nucleus, and a dark-photon-induced interaction between a sterile neutrino and electron/nucleus via kinetic mixing with a photon. This work probes an unexplored parameter space involving sterile neutrino coupling with a dark photon. New laboratory limits are derived on dark photon masses below $1~{\rm eV}/c^{2}$ at some benchmark values of $\Delta m_{41}^{2}$ and $g^{\prime2}{\rm{sin}}^{2}2\theta_{14}$.